Reviewing 4 companies websites


I chose to this website as it seemed to have a fair amount of issues. It's quite outdated and the information put forth it really convoluted that it doesn't entice it's intended audience. The page is also extremely long. I think if they just organize their information better with a cleaner design, it'd help a lot. They need far fewer pictures, a more attractive font, and less unnecessary pictures.


This site looks almost more outdated then the first. It's way too wordy and would be daunting for someone who stumbles on their website. They also have too many other pages, judging by the amunt of links on the left side of the website. I think they need to convey their information in a more appropriate way. Less is more, and they could really easily cut down the amount of info they have by some easy editing. They should also update their layout to something more modern and attractive. The design they have is very dated looking.

3) A…

Businesses I Researched

1) Veggie Grill
2) Veggie Grill
3) SnapChat, Twitter, IG, FB
4) Their most frequented platform is IG
5) IG - 9/07/2019, Twitter- 9/05/2019, FB - 9/04/2019
6) It looks like this business utilizes all of their social media accounts, having recent posts on all major platforms, however, IG has about 100,000 more followers compared to Twitter and FB.

1) Crossroads Kitchen
3) IG, Twitter
4) IG most used
5) IG - 09/04/2019, Twitter: 08/27/2019
6) This business only uses two major platforms, and posts consistently on of them. They use Twitter a decent amount, but not to the extent of their IG use.

1) Jamba Juice
3) Twitter, FB, IG, YouTube
4) All platforms are used equally.
5) IG - 09/04/2019, Twitter - 09/04/2019, FB - 09/04/2019
6) This business uses all major platforms with the exception of YouTube. They post every few days, with many posts occurring on each platform the same day, besides YouTube. They haven't posted anythi…

Blogs I commented on (09/09/19)

Blogs I commented on

I commented on three of my group members blogs:
Luke DiVinere
Samantha Garcousha
Hannah Cliff

Template 1

I decided to use this theme because it's simplistic and looks like it'd be easy to navigate for anyone. Every link one would be looking for will be easy to find. I also enjoy the dark theme because I think any pictures I decide to include on my blog will pop more and be a little more appealing. There's so many personal blogs out there that have so much clutter, it makes you just want to exit out of the tab within seconds. It's just an overall eyesore.

I feel this theme is also a bit more representative of me. Many of the other themes are too vibrant or colorful for my liking. I enjoy darker tones of black and grey. Darker colors just feel more chilling and mysterious, which is intriguing to me. I don't like dark colors because I'm a sad person, just to clarify. I also think anyone who stops by to take a peak at the blog will get some sense of exploration and want to continue navigating throughout the page. While it's simplistic and has very minimalist eleme…